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What Would You Do With

Your 80,000 Miles?

Day 1 : Food trip at Dumaguete Boulevard

Dumaguete is known for its wide variety of very affordable food, and the Dumaguete Boulevard is the place to try some of these local favourites. The boulevard, actually named Rizal Boulevard, is a charming spot to walk along in the early evenings and the tempura street food stands add even more reason to visit. The idea of “street food” can scare some people, but it’s all part of the authentic Dumaguete experience and it would be a wasted trip if you never gave it a shot.

Day 2 : Apo Island – Swim with Turtles

Apo Island is a seriously magical place. Located in Dauin, just a little way outside of Dumaguete City, Apo Island is famous amongst the diving scene for its incredible coral reefs and abundant marine life, but you don’t need to scuba to get up close and personal with the main attraction – Apo Island turtles! Snorkelling with the Apo Island turtles is as beautiful as it is accessible, and is a must do if you’re in or around Dauin.

Day 3 : Manjuyod Sandbar

One of our biggest obstacles was timing low tide with good weather. Low tide is critical to enjoying Manjuyod Sandbar, because if it’s high tide, there won’t be any exposed sand. We arrived during a low-ish tide, however, by the time we left, the sand was already covered by water. This ended up being a blessing as it made drone photos look better. You’ll also want to go on a sunny day as this makes the blues pop!

Day 4 : Visit the 5 star Atmosphere Resort

We’re not high maintenance people. Give us a hostel with an electric fan and we’ll take it. Hell, we’ll happily take a hammock with a mosquito net and call it a night. But when the opportunity to stay at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa comes up, we jump at the chance. Who wouldn’t? Atmosphere Resorts & Spa has made a name for itself as one of the best luxury resorts in the Philippines, but does it really live up to expectations? Well, yeah actually, it does.

Day 5 : Relax and swim at Forest Camp

Forest Camp Mountain Resort is an enormous property in the foothills of Valencia. Its natural charm blending into the lush jungle environment it occupies. This family-owned and operated resort is a popular destination for locals looking for a nature retreat without having to stray too far from Dumaguete City. We visited a bunch of times during our stint in Dumaguete whenever we were craving nature, but didn’t have the energy for big hikes or adventures.

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80,000 MILES
Equivalent to one roundtrip flight (LA, NYC, Canada)
80,000 MILES
Equivalent to one roundtrip flight (Boracay, Cebu, Davao)

Open to all Mabuhay Miles members
with Philippine Airlines or
PAL Express tickets

From August 8 to December 15, 2021
You will earn 1 raffle entry every Php 80 spent

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